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IMEE New Paper Bags Without MOQ
Source: | Author:IMEE GROUP LTD | Published time: 2019-11-15 | 3827 Views | Share:
IMEE's product area are enlarging now.
IMEE New Paper Bags Without MOQ

 Paper bags always has high MOQ about 2000pcs which client can not accept. Now we have a good news to tell you: IMEE has many exquisite paper bags in stock, and it can be bought from 1pc.
Paper bags can be a good packaging for many things like shoes, socks, clothes, all kinds of gifts and so on. If you are interested in, pls feel free to contact with us.

  • 24 2019-12
  • 15 2019-11

    IMEE New Paper Bags Without MOQ

    IMEE's product area are enlarging now.

  • 19 2019-03

    Color Box Printing Can Combine Any Color

    Color box printing four basic colors C M Y K, respectively, blue, red, yellow, black. After the four colors are not the same ratio, color box printing can combine any color.

  • 20 2019-02

    Card Printing Process

    How to choose a printing method for card printing?
    First, determine the printing method.
    Second, the card printing process.

  • 31 2019-01

    What is Leather 2 tones notebook?

    ​Leather Cover Notebook is popular for people to take notes and messages for long time use. It is inherently strong, tough and durable, the covers have a smooth edge and are perfect for use at home or in the workplace.

    We are glad to introduce you a new product-seamless splice notebook, very popular both in China and abroad. You can choose the leather colors you want to bind together to express your company culture, in the meanwhile the debossing logo and good quality make it very impressive.​